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At Synergy, we value and nurture long term relationships. It's never "us and you", but rather an alliance where we're both working towards a common goal i.e. achieving the best results for you.

In the price sensitive Indian market, introduction of new products, services and technologies succeed or fail based just not on their merits but also on company's skills at getting them successfully adopted by customers. Our rich understanding of the Indian market enables us to design appropriate strategies for successful execution of your projects despite many odds and cultural differences.

Our Service Offerings include:

Market Research

Market research is an essential tool for developing viable strategies and plans, assisting management to take strategic decisions and identifies opportunities available in the market. Synergy provides various market research solutions. These could be to validate business idea, develop business plan and/or to develop strategies.

Synergy will help collect vital information like:

  • Demand for a product or service in your market,
  • Sales figures within a market for a particular product or service,
  • Who your customers are,
  • What those customers think about your product or service and what they think about your competitors', so you can capitalize on your strengths,
  • Where and how customers could buy your product or service, so you can establish the most effective distribution and marketing channels,
  • How much customers are willing to pay, so you can figure out a competitive price for them and realistic profits for you,
  • Who your direct and indirect competition is,
  • How to position your product or service so that you take maximum advantage of its unique selling proposition,
  • Which governmental regulations your product or service could be subjected to,
  • Which sales, advertising, display, and promotion methods could be most effective etc.

Test Marketing

Test marketing is a technique used during product development to determine how people respond to a product. It can be used at many different phases of development to see whether or not the public will buy the product, how the product may need to be adjusted to make it appealing to the public, and how members of the public interact with the product. Using information from test marketing, product developers can refine products to make them more commercially viable before embarking on a widespread project launch.

Synergy will help to -

  • Develop a prototype, model or description of the product or service that you can show to others.
  • Determine the price that you can sell the product for in the current marketplace.
  • Go to a potential customer with your sample or prototype and ask if he would buy it.
  • Compare your product with other products on the market. 
  • Visit trade shows and exhibitions---they're a terrific place to get immediate feedback on a new product.

Market Entry

India the fourth largest economy of the world witnessed unprecedented level of economic expansion, presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for foreign companies entering in the Indian market. Indian GDP is likely to sustain growth of more than 6% in current decade which offers unique advantage to companies targeting Indian market as their marketing and supply destination.

Synergy will help clients in making their entry into India successful by providing cost-effective solutions starting from the idea validation to strategy implementation process.

Our India entry strategy services include -

  • Market Entry route.
  • Franchise expansion assistance,
  • Formation of Legal Entity in India,
  • Due diligence reviews,
  • Assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals from departments like Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Secretariat of Industrial Approval (SIA), Registrar of Companies (ROC) and other concerned authorities,
  • Sourcing office facility including 'in transit period' support for office infrastructure and manpower,
  • Business Development including introduction to potential clients,

Business Development & Crisis Management Services

Synergy specialises in providing cost-effective business development services which achieve growth in highly price sensitive Indian market. Synergy provides insight and a fresh perspective. Synergy’s professional consultants focus on improving business performance to increase the bottom line. We are totally focused on supporting our small, medium and large clients to prosper.

Whenever, our clients came to a fork in the road and asked us which road to take, we have always helped them to make the right choice.

Synergy’s services include -

  • Business planning and strategy,
  • Identify new business opportunities,
  • Develop and implement sustainable growth practices,
  • Customer relation management,
  • Business negotiations and strategic alliances,
  • Business process management and monitoring,
  • Franchise, affiliate and re-seller management,
  • Crisis management and trouble-Shooting etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting

CSR is a new concept in India but is picking up quickly implementing CSR activities among the stakeholders give in-return their commitment and loyalty to the organization.  This indirectly helps in earning more good-will and profits. Many organizations carry out activities but without any positive impact on the target society. The CSR initiatives cover areas like rural development, health, education, women empowerment, environment, water, pollution and social issues.

Synergy would help carry out CSR activities and / or following studies -

  • Baseline assessment Studies
  • Impact evaluation studies
  • Benchmark evaluation studies
  • Socio economic studies
  • Life style studies
  • Social research studies
  • Consumption & tracking studies
  • Media & advertisement recall studies