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About Us

India’s economic reforms initiated in 1991 and its continuous improvement thereafter in its investment and innovation environment attracted many foreign investors for direct investment into India. Many serious first-time-investors, without having the practical know-how in various aspects of doing business in India, visited India and participated in trade shows to identify buyers, sellers and business partners for setting up collaborations and joint ventures, to quickly enter the virgin Indian market. But many could not perform well despite their best products, efforts and resources, as they could not get the needed techno-commercial advice and ground support. Thus, Synergy International was created in 1995, to provide innovative and pragmatic marketing solutions and to facilitate implementation of business development strategies for the continued success and growth of the serious foreign & Indian investors.

We, Synergy International (Synergy) provide innovative business consultancy and project execution services, custom-designed for the unique Indian market. We endeavour to provide complete range of services, which any new or established player would require. With our business associates in USA, Europe and Japan etc., we have successfully served the interests of many national and international companies, as a integrated business strategy and solutions provider in the sectors like computers & Electronics, Chemicals & Paints, Textiles, Automobiles, Aviation, Railways, Infrastructure, Food, Telecom, Agriculture, Power, Housing, education, Roads & Highways, Health, Water, Tools, Printing, Consumables, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Founder Er. M.P.S. (Mini) Puri has over 30 years of techno-commercial experience of working with national and international companies, multilateral agencies, banks, private and government institutions etc. By virtue of living for many years in India, Europe & USA he acquired the art of developing synergies among the various stakeholders from different cultures and countries, which is helping his valuable clients grow their business successfully and resolve their business critical issues amicably. He enjoyed introducing in India many new ideas, concepts & technologies like Cad + Cam systems & Automation, Virtual Reality & Simulation, cost-effective mass housing, Solar powered water purification system, high capacity blowers, designing for tunnels & underground storage, energy saving solutions, urban transport & road safety, driving simulator etc.

Our Vision

To be the best source for providing sustainable business solutions on 1-2-1 basis for the newly opened and fast growing Indian marketplace.

Our Mission

To promote and protect the interests of our valuable clients and associates. And to help them successfully pursue their identified business goals in India by providing to them prompt, custom designed, cost-effective professional advisory services, administrative and logistic support.