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What Our Customers are Saying About Our Services:

My very special thanks to MPS who put so much energy in bringing us to the stage where we are today. I must acknowledge and underline all ground work achieved by MPS, to introduce us in India. Results are there, as today we are the leader. Director, Manufacturer, Europe
We thank you very much for the work you have done for us. We appreciate the hard work you put in for achieving this success in such a short while. Area Director, Multinational, Europe
Thank you for the great care and organisation of the meetings we had. It has given our system a positive impulse in the Indian market. Manager, Manufacturer, Europe
Thank you Mr. Puri. The order is a relief. I did not believe it will come in my life time! Country Head, Multinational, USA
I think you have achieved the impossible. I was a little doubtful whether you would be able to fit everything in while Jens was still in India, but you managed to. I shall never doubt it again!!! Vice President, Multinational North America
This job is very important to us. Negotiation was very challenging and difficult exercise though, we enjoyed it very much. You are really professional negotiator, we think that we learned a lot from you regarding the business negotiation in India. Manager, Manufacturer, Japan.
You are doing well. Your assessment of the situation and the reconnaissance was excellent. Keep it up. Manager, Contracting, North America.
It was a special pleasure to meet you in person after all these years. You are a very gentle and wise man. It is a privilege to cooperate with a partner like you. I am impressed by your track record and your outstanding network in different countries and industries. Director, International Consulting, Europe.
I want to thank you personally for the excellent job you have accomplished during these long months. Today, thanks to your experiences, talent and patience, the case has been solved successfully. Export Manager, Manufacturer, Europe
I very much appreciate all that you have done! Without you we would not be able to do the needful. Thank you for helping me! Vice President, Consulting. North America
I sincerely and heartily thank you for your favorable co-operation, which has made me complete my assignment in India successfully. I sincerely request you to extend the same hospitality and co-operation to my successor. General Manager, Multinational, South Korea
Mini, you are a real pro! Director, Consulting, Europe
Mini Puri did a marvellous job all the way. We even experienced his presence in Ahmedabad without his presence. Team from USA.
1991 was an extraordinary year for Indo-German relation. For the first time in history, India had achieved a surplus in trade with Germany. We are looking forward for the future co-operation with you. Project Director, Trade Development, India
We are happy to inform you that we have received the payment in our bank. It was only because of your efforts this payment could be cleared from abroad. Proprietor, Export House, India
I am also surprised to know that you’re such a famous global consultant, please keep in touch. Manager, Multinational, Japan.
Ray could not hope to have a better accomplice and co-adventurer than you! Manager, Consulting, North America.
I thank you for your perfect support. It is a pleasure to work with you. Manager, Services, Europe
Thanks Mini. I’m truly blessed to know such wonderful people as yourself. Director, Consulting, USA.